It Hasn't Been That Long Baby!
Elisa Kay Sparks
It Hasn't Been That Long Baby"

This large (22"x 30") composite print commemorates women's suffrage by reminding
us how recently women have been able to participate in the political life of this
country.  Inspired by the story of my friend Patti's Aunt Babe who always voted
because she remembered when women couldn't vote, the 4"x6"vignettes show how
old various famous women were when women got the vote.  Susan B. Anthony, after
whom the suffrage amendment  was named, would have been 100 years old had she
lived to see it passed.  Louisa May Alcott never got to vote.  I find it astonishing that  
both Eleanor Roosevelt and Georgia O'Keeffe were not able to vote until their
mid-thirties.  And I am sure Katherine Hepburn remembered when women got the
vote -- she was 15 at the time.

The background of this print is a large silkscreen of various suffrage scenes.          
The vignettes are in various mediums including silkscreen, photo-intaglio, and