• My Modernist London Blog is for a grad seminar I am teaching
  • My Second Life Blog is for a project I am collaborating on to create a
    virtual Bloomsbury in Second Life to be called Woolf World
  • My Travel Blog chronicles my research trips--lately to New Mexico
  • Topias: Blog for a grad seminar on utopias (see site bar for class
    web site)
  • I have recently started a blog about creative ideas related to puppets,
    printmaking, and Hans Christian Andersen: Shadowplay
  • Blooming Woolf: is a site for my Fall 2010 seminar on Virginia
    Woolf; it also contains posts on Flowers and Gardens in Woolf 's life
    and works, and has recenetly been updated to contain blogs about a
    May 2012 trip with students to take photos of Woolf sites.
  • My latest blog is for the new RCID seminar on Space/ Place and
    Virginia Woolf: