Sept 3, 2010
Biblio on Woolf's Early Essays

Many of Woolf’s essays were -republished posthumously in various collections of
essays such as
The Death of the Moth (1942), The Moment and Other Essays (1947),
The Captain’s Deathbed (1950), Granite and Rainbow (1958), Contemporary Writers
Books and Portraits.  

There are two main collections of her essays:

The Collected Essays by Virginia Woolf. 4 Vols. Ed. Leonard Woolf. London: Hogarth
Press, 1966-67.  (CE)

The Essays of Virginia Woolf. Vols. 1-4. Ed. Andrew McNeillie. New York: Harcourt,
1986-1994. (E1, E2, E3, E4)

The Essays of Virginia Woolf. Vol. 5. 1929-1932.  Ed. Stuart N. Clarke. New London:
The Hogarth Press, 2009. (E5)


Books Dealing with Essays
  • Koutsantoni, Katerina.  Virginia Woolf's Common Reader.  Surrey, England:
    Ashgate; 2009.

  • Gualtieri , Elena.  Virginia Woolf's Essays : Sketching the Past. New York : St.
    Martin's Press, 2000.

  • Rosenberg, Beth Carole and Jeanne Dubino, ed. Virginia Woolf and the
    Essay. NY: St. Martin’s, 1997.

Articles and Chapters in Books
  • Simpson, Kathryn. “The Business of Writing: Economies in Woolf’s Essays.”
    Chap 1 of Gifts, Markets, and Economies of Desire in Virginia Woolf.  
    Palgrave/Macmillan, 2008. [all essays, not just early ones]

  • Lee, Hermione.” Virginia Woolf's Essays.” pp. 91-108 IN: Roe, Sue (ed. and
    preface); Sellers, Susan (ed.) The Cambridge Companion to Virginia Woolf.
    Cambridge, England: Cambridge UP; 2000.

  • Gualtieri, Elena; “The Essay as Form: Virginia Woolf and the Literary
    Tradition.” Textual Practice, 1998 Spring; 12 (1): 49-67.

“Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Brown” (1923)
Originally published as “Character in Fiction” (1924).
First separate edition:
Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Brown. London: Hogarth Press, 1924
Rpt. in:  
The Captain’s Death Bed; Collected Essays. Vol. 1, The Virginia Woolf
, Essays Vol. 3.

  • Goldman, on MBMB,  pp. 106-109

  • Sorum, Eve;. “Taking Note: Text and Context in Virginia Woolf's 'Mr. Bennett
    and Mrs. Brown'.”  Woolf Studies Annual, 2007; 13: 137-58

  • Luftig, Victor. “Woolf and 'The Leaflet Touch': A Political Context for 'Mr. Bennett
    and Mrs. Brown'.” Virginia Woolf Miscellany, 1986 Fall; 27: 1-2.

  • Daugherty, Beth Rigel . “The Whole Contention between Mr. Bennett and Mrs.
    Woolf, Revisited.” pp. 269-294 IN: Ginsberg, Elaine K. (ed. & pref.); Gottlieb,
    Laura Moss (ed. & pref.); Trautmann, Joanne (introd.) Virginia Woolf:
    Centennial Essays. Troy, NY: Whitston; 1983.

“Lives of the Obscure: Miss Ormerod” (1924);  
The Dial Magazine 77.6 (December 1924): pp. 465-74.
The Common Reader (1925): 122-134.
The Essays of Virginia Woolf. Ed. Andrew McNeillie.  Vol. 4 (1925-1928): pp.131-140.  
Notes on pp. 144-5.

  • Alt, Christina. “Pests and Pesticides: Exploring the Boundaries of Woolf's
    Environmentalism.” pp. 93-99 IN: Burrells, Anna (ed. and introd.); Ellis, Steve
    (ed. and introd.); Parsons, Deborah (ed. and introd.); Simpson, Kathryn (ed.
    and introd.); Gruber, Ruth (foreword) Woolfian Boundaries: Selected Papers
    from the Sixteenth Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf.
    Clemson, SC: Clemson University Digital P, 2007.  Also see her book,
    Virginia Woolf and the Study of Nature. Cambridge UP, 2010: especially pp.

“On Not Knowing Greek “(1925) (VWR)
The Common Reader (1925)
Text at Adelaide

  • Goldman, on NKG 113-4.

  • Spiropoulou, Angeliki. “On Not Knowing Greek': Virginia Woolf's Spatial
    Critique of Authority.”  Interdisciplinary Literary Studies: A Journal of Criticism
    and Theory, 2002 Fall; 4 (1): 1-19)

  • Fowler, Rowena. “ Moments and Metamorphoses: Virginia Woolf's Greece.”
    Comparative Literature, 1999 Summer; 51 (3): 217-42.

  • Bishop, Edward L.; “Metaphor and the Subversive Process of Virginia Woolf's
    Essays.” Style, 1987 Winter; 21 (4): 573-588.

“Jane Austen” (1925)
The Common Reader (1925)
Rpt. in
The Virginia Woolf Reader.

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Early Essays

Modern Fiction” (1919; 1925)

“Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Brown”

“Lives of the Obscure: Miss
Ormerod” (1924)

“On Not Knowing Greek

“Jane Austen” (1925)

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